Global Access Partners' 10th Annual Economic Summit will address lifelong learning, the challenges of retraining people as skills requirements change, and the impact of technology on the future workforce.

The 2019 Summit, titled ‘Beyond Education: Lifelong Learning for Australia’s Future’, will focus on ways to prepare new generations of Australians for a future characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Multiple career transitions may become the norm, requiring ongoing education and training to ride succeeding waves of technological change. Policy makers and educators will have to decide whether to create new formal structures or rely on free market solutions, as education’s ‘centre of gravity’ shifts from youth to adult provision.




The annual 'Vision for Australia' Summit leads the national debate on productivity, infrastructure, innovation, employment, education and growth. It is held every September for a select audience of 120 senior executives from government, business and academia. Delegates examine key issues which are then developed by multidisciplinary taskforces to produce pilots, projects and business ventures.

GAP's tenth-anniversary Summit will bring together education practitioners, business leaders, politicians, government policy makers and civic thought leaders. The Summit's parliamentary format encourages open and constructive dialogue and unique networking opportunities for its attendees, speakers and international guests.

Registration for the Summit is now closed. For more information, please call Olga Bodrova on +61 2 8303 2420.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
Strangers Function Room
NSW Parliament House


6:15pm    Registration & Networking

7:00pm    DINNER:
'International Perspectives
on Education'

9:00pm    Close

Friday, 20 September 2019
Legislative Assembly Chamber
NSW Parliament House


8:15am    Registration

9:00am    SESSION ONE:
'Australia’s future… How can education best deliver?'

11:30am  SESSION TWO:
'The future of work &
lifelong learning'

1:00pm    Lunch

2:20pm    Summary of Outcomes

2:30pm    Close

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